“Art humanizes us”

The civil war in Yemen is an ongoing conflict with ten-thousands of civil deaths and the destruction of community and culture. Yemeni artist Murad Subay uses the ruins of war and places of murder and death as his canvas, creating colourful pieces as signs of peaceful protest. “It’s like protesting by colors,” Subay said.

“We painted to paint on the ugliness of war, and say there are options instead of going to war and using weapons. To use colors — it is better than to use bullets.”

Over the past 5 years he has created an important body of work and highlights the importance of expression in an oppressed country.

He includes and encourages locals to join in to paint the war-torn ugliness into something more hopeful. “War is not an option. There is a lot of beauty to see in this world.” Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 12.54.48.png



About thehumantimes2016

A media for humans made by humans.
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