EVENT ALERT : Freies Kulturprojekt Stuttgart

“Freies Kulturprojekt” is a group of people from 9 different countries. Together we visited different cultural institutions and places in Stuttgart and learned several creative techniques. 

The medium of art helped us to get together, learn from each others cultures and explore the city. 

We hereby invite you to come and see the results of our explorations! 

The title of the exhibition is “Jedes Gesicht hat eine Geschichte” (Every face has a story), and is opening to the public on 20. September, 5pm at Ausbildungscampus, Jägerstr. 14, Stuttgart, Germany. 


Das Freie Kulturprojekt Stuttgart ist eine Gruppe von Menschen aus 9 verschiedenen Ländern. Gemeinsam haben wir über den Sommer kulturelle Orte und Einrichtungen in Stuttgart besucht und verschiedene kreative Techniken ausprobiert.

Die Kunst war dabei für uns eine Möglichkeit zusammen zu kommen, gegenseitig von unseren Kulturen zu lernen und uns die Stadt zu erschließen.

Am 20. September laden wir alle herzlich dazu ein, die Ergebnisse aus dieser Zeit anzuschauen.

Der Titel der Ausstellung lautet “Jedes Gesicht hat eine Geschichte” und kann am 20. September 2018 ab 17 Uhr im Ausbildungscampus, Jägerstraße. 14, Stuttgart, besichtigt werden!

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Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.54.54

Founded in 2010, the Afghanistan National Institute of Music is a special educational institution for several reasons. It teaches Afghan and Western Music, and it includes girls in their education. This is, in a country of war and conflict, where the practice of music and female education were banned for many years, a brave venture.

Zohra is one of the musical offsprings of the Institute – it’s Afghanistans first all-female orchestra, which has empowered many young women in getting an education, following traditions and rising up above the countries engrained gender stereotypes.

You can read about their story, listen to their music and follow their journey on their BEAUTIFULLY designed website http://www.zohra-music.org

The Afghanistan National Institute of Music has just won the ‘Polar Music Prize’, which is considered the ‘Nobel Prize’ for music and “celebrates the importance and power of music”. The other winner of this years prize is… Metallica.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.01.56.png

(screenshots taken from http://www.zohra-music.org)

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He is happy and thankful to have arrived in Europe. He learns French with a strong ambition and can see a future for him here. He wants to study and find work. Work is important. His home-country: “Not safe, too much conflict. My brother got shot by the Taliban”. And yet he says “I miss Afghanistan”, with his hand held to his heart. He talks about the beauty of the mountains he grew up in, the smell of the food his mother cooks, the stories his father used to tell. The music. Dancing. Family. “You can leave your country – but your country never leaves you!” It is cultural identity and a feeling of home more than a country or a nation defined by borders. You can’t talk that away. And shouldn’t, ever, be deprived of that.


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Radio Time Travel

Pick you decade / country / mood.

Broaden you musical horizon, drift off on a journey through time and space … and dance! Because discovering new music is about one of the most beautiful sensations!

The Human Times HQ’s new favourite website…:


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 13.06.51.png

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No Hate Speech Movement

Website with guidelines on how to report online hate speech, links to different international and national campaigns, tips on Counter Speech and useful educational material for teenagers, such as a “Manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education”.


More important than ever.



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A problem is never solved by just hiding it. And people can’t disappear if they don’t know where they can go.
Money is being spent on police, on security, on fences and walls, whilst it should be spent on accommodation, on food, medical and legal aid. It should be spent on figuring out a sustainable way to handle the situation of the world today.
Because it will not just ‘go away’.
Communication, integration and education is everything!
Photo: Police in Paris, November 2017IMG_1030 (1)
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